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Charade Amell, another minor female character I don’t see much of in fandom. Again, I changed her outfit up just a little bit - added the gloves to go along with her whole archery theme. I wish we had gotten to see more of her in the game, particularly since the quest where you meet her can be easily overlooked (I completely missed it my first time through the game).

I used thinner lines for the lineart than usual; trying to figure out if I like the look or not.

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Leander Deeny (pre-serum Steve) appearing as the Barman

#ngl I wanna read bucky/skinny bartender who resembles skinny steve too much for bucky not to notice

Well technically we don’t know just what Bucky did that night, sooo…

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there was literally no reason for the sexual tension in this scene but welp, there it is anyway

bless this film

OOoooh. I just got it. Judas and Jesus, the kiss of death. (can we also appreciate the the other actors name is Steven?)

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Just lost two followers at the same time, doesn’t happen often.

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Antje Traue in ‘Blau.Pause’ (2008) and ‘202a’ (2005) (Incomplete excerpts)

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Antje Traue in ‘Blau.Pause’ (2008) and ‘202a’ (2005) (Incomplete excerpts)

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Aww are you kidding me?

Just finish an escort quest and then the game crashes. Hope to god it saved before it did so, though I doubt it.

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"Thank you, conscience of the order, Ser Maurevar... Carver."
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Forecast BY Darren Korb
Transistor Original Soundtrack
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"Okay, there’s a… wait. Back back backbackback."

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Henry Cavill in “The Tudors” (S01E01)

All in all Quinlan Cousland’s trip to the Pearl was eventful.

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