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So apparently it snowed today and I slept through it. Which is actually pretty good, I think I’m coming down with something, just as winter ends go figure.

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sophie turner in another me

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Hey. I'm sorry about falling off of the face of the earth. I miss you.


Dude! I was wondering where you were, missed seeing you on my dash.

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Videogame Meme / Seven Male Characters [1/7]  - Matt Miller
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I Dunno BY Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2
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How cold is it? Really fucking cold!

Even hiding behind the electrical pole didn’t protect me. The whole left side of me is frozen solid.

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Send me a fetish and I’ll rate it!


No | Rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes | Oh god you don’t even know 

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it breaks my heart here that Natasha doesn’t know who the founding member of SHIELD is, not to mention that Peggy’s information HAD to have been in Steve’s file (which I can’t see Natasha ignoring)

so my headcanon is that Natasha asks who Peggy is precisely to get a response out of Steve. She doesn’t want to know who the girl is, but rather who the girl is to Steve


I feel like you can see it in her face in that second gif, just the set of her mouth and what little you can see of her eyes . Not too far a reach at that.

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Deadpool Test Footage in HD by itsartmag


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… in HD

If we add the word “leaked” to this will it make it more exciting? If “leaked” means “uploaded by the animation studio” then this is even more “leaked” than when “leaked” meant “shown to 1000’s of people at Comic-Con”. 

Oh my god.

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Just wait for it.


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Another Me (x)

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Hope of Morning BY Icon For Hire
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Aisha’s favourite song of Summers.

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Steve Valentine.

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the love of the national anthem has been explained..


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