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It's been a while since you've published Ricstar porn so: (◕‿◕✿) Muffled kissing while getting the shit fucked out of them (one of my favourite visuals oh my gosh)





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have mercy.


Oops. I arted.

Well, that’s my day made.

Oh my.

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NICE. Are the little wrapped ones gum or taffy?

Ooh no, these little beauties are Fantales. Neat little squares of chewy caramel covered in milk chocolate, wrapped in a wrapper that has neat Trivia questions printed on them (those they can get repetitive).

Been years since I’ve had them, so I had to buy a $2 pack.

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barnesjamesbarnes replied to your post:[Time to play Dragon Age until I can no longer…

I’ve just hit the Dead Trenches (where you see the Archdemon for the first time holy shit)

[I decided to do the Broken Circle quest first this time.  God I hate the Fade, and the background music is just terrifying.]

I did the Fight for Redcliffe/Urn of Sacred Ashes first since that is the first place that you should go in game wise, then Broken Circle because it ties into Conner/Eamon. Just have to finish the Deep Roads, Brecilian Forest and the DLCs and I’m done with Origins.

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This is what Whitlam did



- Introduced universal healthcare
- Introduced no-fault divorce
- Introduced Racial Discimination Act
- Introduced the Trade Practices Act
- Established Family Court
- Established Legal Aid
- Made unis free
- Sewered poor suburbs
- Abolished (federal) death penalty
- Replaced ‘God Save the Queen’ with ‘Advance Australia Fair’
- gave the NT and ACT representation in the Senate

International stuff:
- Scrapped the draft
- Freed those guilty of refusing the draft
- Ordered home all Aussie troops in Vietnam
- Started relations with China
- Forbid ‘whites only’ sports teams
- Voted for sanctions on apartheid South Africa at UN
- Granted independence to PNG
- Scrapped White Australia policy
- Established Multiculturalism policy
- Got France to stop Nuclear tests nearby

- Reopened the equal pay case at the Arbitration Commission
- Set up women’s shelters
- Made The Pill easier to get
- Introduced single-mum welfare support
- Established a “Women’s Adviser” to the PM (first in the world!)

- Funded arts bigtime.
- Raised minimum local content standards
- This meant more Aussie artists/musos/stuff on TV/movies/radio/stage
- Established Triple J, multicultural radio stations and FM radio.
- Established Australian Film Commission
- Established Australian Council for the Arts
- Established National Gallery of Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People:
- Established Department of Aboriginal Affairs
- Funded existing Aboriginal Legal Services
- Set up new ones
- Gave the Gurindji people deeds to part of their land
- Pushed for more ATSI land reform

- Introduced environmental protection laws
- Ratified World Heritage Convention
- Established protections for the Great Barrier Reef
- Established Australian Heritage Commission

That ain’t even all of it. Thank you Gough Whitlam.

How Abbott is undoing Gough’s legacy:

- Removing universal free healthcare
- Attempted to amend the Racial Discrimination Act
- Significantly defunding Legal Aid
- Attempting to make university $100,000+
- Ignoring some key lines in Advance Australia Fair
- Damaging our relations with China and Indonesia
- Refusing to send medical aid overseas
- But happy to send troops overseas to fight a terrorist organisation in a completely inappropriate and ineffective way
- Cutting our international aid budget
- Sending refugees to their death and torturing them in inhumane conditions, even children, in the meantime
- Significantly defunding women’s shelters
- Cutting welfare payments
- Making himself Minister for Women
- Cutting community television entirely (vale, Channel 31)
- Cutting funding to the ABC (and Triple J)
- Cutting funding to Indigenous services for the Indigenous community
- No word on constitutional recognition, let alone a treaty
- Dumping dredge spoil in the Great Barrier Reef (who needs it)

Depressing day.

Vale, Gough.

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Since I stated what I thought of Jet’s sexuality, might as well toss the rest out. Would love to hear other views.

  • Ivan: he is an infant, it is a non-issue at the moment
  • Jet: Demisexual, as previously stated
  • Francoise: Heterosexual
  • Albert: Heterosexual
  • Junior: Heteroromantic asexual
  • Chang: … I’m not sure, honestly. Panromantic?
  • GB: Heteroflexible
  • Pyunma: Bisexual
  • Joe: Heterosexual, leaning towards bisexual

I see Albert/Francoise as Bi, or maybe hetrosexual and biromantic? So on board with Demi Jet, you have no idea.

Someone else mentioned Ivan being Ace when he’s older, which is something I’d agree with.

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My newly filled Candy Box.

My newly filled Candy Box.

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Spice Up Your Life
Spice Girls - Spiceworld
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me: *sees a sweet caring courageous character* you’re gonna be my favourite

me: *sees a sarcastic apathetic trashbag character* you’re also gonna be my favourite

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prostitute au


you’re not gonna stop until i actually write that au, are you

I want it as Serah and Snow, where she’s the one picking him up. And not shy, she knows what she wants and how to go about it and he loves that she doesn’t beat around the bush about it.

It was supposed to be a one time thing, but Serah finds herself going back to him and he keeps hoping he’ll see her again because holy shit

Wasn’t about them, huh? Oh well.

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