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DA Fan Cast Out of a Billion Other Fan Casts 

Kat Graham as Sera

So excited for Sera.

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'Deadpool' Movie Is Finally Happening; Release Date in 2016
Ryan Reynolds responds to the leaked ‘Deadpool’ footage as Fox finally greenlights production for a 2016 release date.

Whoo! The script they had was really good!


Yes! Danny Pudi as Bob, Agent of HYDRA please.

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Winter Soldier + bionic arm

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Making Kaidan's parents in Sims 4, how do you spell his dads name again?



it’s Casimir! :) (in libba and i’s headcanon land anyway hah)

That’s the one! I keep adding the extra “a” instead of an “i” which I know but still do.

I actually like it and have taken it on myself, much more original that what I was going with which was just taking the “k” off Kaidan.

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It’s time to show your love for your Hogwarts house! Save the date and rally your fellow housemates to make the celebrations as exciting as possible.

#SlytherinPride – September 19

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BY 599,951 plays




welcome to australia 

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Ah ha my first awakened familiar!

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Anyone else having this problem?

tumblr really need to work of their “phantom pages” thing. I delete posts because I want them gone, that means the space they took up too instead of pages with nothing on them.

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I was tagged by gunnerychief, who if you like Mass Effect and awesome people you should follow if you’re not.

1. Nickname: Meg or Megs

2. Eye color: I’d hazard a guess at green

3. Hair color: Dark brown

4. Fact about me: I have at least four freckles that match up, one on the opposite sides of my body - like that art thing you might have done when you were at school where you paint on one side of a piece of paper then fold it over so the wet paint prints on the other side

5. favorite color: Black

6. Favorite place: My bedroom

7. Favorite Celebrity: Sebastian Stan

8. Favorite Animal: Snakes

9. Favorite Song: Shatter Me - Lindsey Sterling ft. Lzzy Hale

10. Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I guess I’ll tag springagainafter, joasakura, foreverrhapsody, benjaminrussell, handsomegodofsideburns and mrsalenko. Obviously you don’t have to though. :)

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I have two more job interviews coming up next week for places that are close enough to home that it won’t be a quest to get there.

One’s a Christmas casual one which is the closest, the other seems to be full time and is only a short train ride away. The one from the other day was a bust and I’m still waiting to hear back from the bakery place which is one I really want.

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???? What are lollies?

Candy. I need the box for my candy stash. I’ve moved them (nail polish’s) over to a spare shoe box for now, one I can fit the cotton-balls for the removal in too.

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I think I need to invest in an actual nail polish holder/box rather than the Tupperware container I’m using.

I need it for my lollies.

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Finally getting some use out of my lighter coloured nail polish of which I currently only have in blue. Should invest in some other brighter colours, just for variety, summer is coming and all.

i’m rather fond of my hands

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Titanic conspiracy exposed


Head canon: Accepted


Oooohh my god.

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send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

ex: molly hayes + sleeping


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