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whenever people say they dont like cats because they dont happily greet you at the door i give them the stinkiest eye

this is the cutest fucking shit
the cat is so fucking excited

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I liked the Citadel DLC so I decided to draw more of it. Some Citadel and ME3 spoilers obviously.

More on the way and will be under my tag citadel.


"You better mobilize it for the war effort."

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introducing: babbuvengers

i know a dozen ppl were waiting for this but it remained a secret until now hawhawhaw :3

keep in mind they’re just tots so i didn’t want hulk to beat loki up, so the nature of their fight shifted to a lego battle

Oh. My. Godsocute.

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If you folks wanted to, it’d be great to spread awareness that this blog exists.

It’s a little quiet and at some point, the queue might run dry without new content.



Also, if there are any polyamorous queer lady ships out there, please let me know!!!

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Oh no.

Now I’m getting into The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

I blame ohmygil and mynotsodarkpassenger

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who do you think would be a better cast for atton, santiago cabrera or colin o'donoghue?



Sorry, I can’t really answer this question since I don’t know either of these actors, and I’m not very good at fan casting.

Both are good options, Anon, but on this one I’m gonna have to go with Colin O’Donoghue. It’s mostly the eyes colours that’s the deciding factor in the end there.

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Good movies on tonight.

Over the Hedge, Stick It, The In-Laws, good movies.

Ooohh and now This is Spinal Tap. A good night.

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So I am trying to get back into this whole “drawing” thing (how do??). I like the "THAT-IS-MAHOGANY"-guy. I hope that his moustache is a companion. I mean HE. I hope that he is a companion.

I keep thinking of him as dark haired Fandral myself

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..: confirm psychological profile 


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Writing Prompts for Couples of Characters



1. What do they like to talk about?
2. What don’t they talk about?
3. What have each of them given up for each other?
4. What compromises have they made with each other?
5. Do each of them know how the other takes their tea/coffee/other?
6. How much do they trust each other?
7. In what ways do they prefer to show affection for each other?
8. Do either have habits that annoy the other?
9. What habits does each find endearing in each other?
10. What is the division of power like in the relationship?

> Firsts
11. How did they meet?
12. When did they realize that they were interested in each other?
13. How did their first kiss go?
14. What was their first fight about?
15. How was their first time having sex?
16. When did they first tell each other that they loved them?

> Lasts
17. What was their last phone call (text/letter/insert applicable) about?
18. What was the last lie each of them told the other?
19. When was the last time either slept alone?
20. Where did they last have dinner together (and what did they eat)?
21. Will this be the last relationship each of them has?
22. What will their last words to each other be?

> Describe or Draw
23. Each of the pair from the other’s point of view
24. A hug between them
25. A kiss between them
26. One borrowing the other’s clothes
27. The pair entertaining themselves on a rainy day
28. One caring for the other when they are injured/sick
29. One cooking for the other

> Miscellaneous
30. How would the pair fare in a post-apocalyptic setting?
31. If they were a fruit or vegetable, which fruit or vegetable would each of them be?
32. How quickly, and through what means, would each be able to tell if an imposter had replaced the other?
33. How well would the couple do as a team in a bar fight?
34. Who buys the milk when they run out?
35. If one was abducted, how would the other respond, and how capable of organizing a rescue would they be?
36. Who handles spiders?

ask me about my babies!!!

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I posted stuff from this scene before, but to add to the whole shirtless/cybernetics topic for 004, there’s how he looked in this episode of the ‘79 series.

He’s less visibly metallic, or probably got the artificial skin camouflage going for him. His X-rays still show very mechanical components in his body, and the whole “metal skull” thing.

And yes, there go his hands again!

That’s cool and all but what are Gilmore and Joe staring at?

His body may be Black Ghost, but his booty is all him.

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And on that subject we should probably talk about how Anders is essentially a one-man Planned Parenthood providing healthcare for poor women. For free. 

I mean, he provides medicine for everyone for free but the game does go out of its way to mention that he 

1) Clearly has helped deliver babies safely for refugee mothers.

2) Probably provided medicine and a safety net for pregnant, virtually homeless mothers.

3) Apparently can cure STDs and does so. Again for free.

So based on this I’m headcanoning now:

4) I’m willing to bet he knows something about contraceptives (I imagine mages would have some sort of magic or enchanted item that does the trick)

5) There’s no evidence of this but sure let’s double down and say he’d help with abortions for poor women, young women, and abused women no questions asked. Yeah, I’d headcanon that maybe a lot of poor Kirkwall women know to go to him for help in that regard and they know he won’t question their decisions, won’t charge them, and won’t tell anyone. 

I just feel it’s worth talking about. The fact that when Hawke is asking questions about how to find him that the Ferelden refugees were basically like “if you fuck with him you fuck with all of us” was a great introduction to just who we were about to deal with. 

That’s who Anders really is. He’s a doctor first and foremost and he very much carries that mentality with him through the game. And it doesn’t contradict his revolutionary nature and his cause. In fact I’d argue it’s integral to his radical views. He wants to fix a “sick” system, heal the damage that’s been done to his people. But sometimes cures take time. Sometimes cures can ravage a body before they heal. It doesn’t mean the medicine isn’t working and it doesn’t mean it’s not good for the body overall. 

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2466 - 2800 - 3068


Is my 3DS friend code if anyone is interested in adding me to their collection.

I bid you all a goodnight.

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What I would give to have a home with this as the dining hall.

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